The development of good character and ethical action has been a fundamental interest at Project Zero for decades. We have examined character and ethics, from its development in childhood to its realization at the workplace and in the broader community, in a variety of research primarily associated with the Good Project.


  • Are character and ethical action better thought of as part of one’s identity or as a set of roles that one assumes, online and offline, throughout life?  
  • What does it mean to do good work?  To be a good citizen?
  • How do we help young people become the kind of persons of whom we can be proud? What are the obstacles?
  • Is "good character" a role that one can assume, or is it a more complex, longer lasting developmental phenomenon?

Good Work: When Excellence and Ethics Meet

Published: 2002
What does it mean to carry out "good work"? This is just one of the probing questions posed in this new edition. The authors have added a new afterword, Good Work in 2002, in... Read more

Making Good: How Young People Cope with Moral Dilemmas at Work

Published: 2005
After studying more than a hundred young people launching their careers, these longtime researchers of good work—work that is both skillful and honorable—find unsettling... Read more

Responsibility at Work: How Leading Professionals Act (or Don't Act) Responsibly

Published: 2007
Filled with original essays by Howard Gardner, William Damon, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and Jeanne Nakamura and based on a large-scale research project, the GoodWork Project,... Read more

The Good Work Toolkit

Published: 2010
The GoodWork Toolkit is an approach to engage individuals and groups in conversation and reflection about good work. The Toolkit consists of a flexible set of materials,... Read more