Thinking Routines

Parts, People, & Interactions
Use the Parts, People, & Interactions thinking routine to help explore our democracy.

I Used to Think... Now I think...
What did your students think before the election? What do they think now?

Circle of Viewpoints
In light of the 2016 election, consider someone else’s perspective with the Circle of Viewpoints thinking routine.

Here Now / There Then
How have we progressed as a democratic society? Help your students reflect on and compare the “here now” with the “there then."



Engaging City Hall
Including children in participatory and democratic discourse is key in today’s climate. See what it looks like in this article.

Preparing Our Youth to Engage the World
The growing global interdependence that characterizes our time calls for a generation of individuals who can engage in effective global problem solving and participate simultaneously in local, national, and global civic life.

Musings on Cultural Perspective Taking
Does considering other’s perspectives change your impression on the recent election results?

Trump's Intelligence
Considering Trump’s intelligence through both a traditional IQ lens and the theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Talking Politics at the Dinner Table
Talking politics at the dinner table. Suggestions from The Family Dinner Project that are still relevant post-election.


Children Are Citizens
Create spaces and opportunities for children to share their thoughts on the 2016 election.

Documentation: Transforming Our Perspectives
How can making learning visible & documentation transform your and your students’ perspectives?



Understanding Map
Leverage the Understanding Map to help your students better realize their own conceptions about the recent election.

Out of Eden Learn Info Packet
Timeless advice from Out of Eden Learn: Slow down, exchange stories, reflect.

Reflections from Out of Eden Learn
Reflecting on the goals of the Out of Eden Learn project in light of the 2016 election.

Excellence, Engagement, and Ethics in Election 2016
A blog post from The Good Project discussing excellence, engagement, and ethics in regards to the 2016 election.