• Book

    Multiple Intelligences around the World

    Published: 2009
    Since its introduction in 1983, Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences (MI) theory has become a touchstone of education. Embracing a wide array of human talents that... Read more
  • Article

    Zooms: Promoting Schoolwide Inquiry and Improving Practice

    Published: 2009
    Abstract: A group of teachers and the program director describe a powerful collaborative and interactive teacher research process they developed at their school. The process... Read more
  • Article

    Making Thinking Visible (Article)

    Published: 2008
    When learners speak, write, or draw their ideas, they deepen their cognition. Project Zero's Visible Thinking approach shows how. Read more
  • Article

    Study Center Learning

    Published: 2007
    The Harvard University Art Museums (HUAM) currently have two active study centers. The Agnes Mongan Center for the Study of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs specializes in... Read more
  • Article

    Learning that Matters

    Published: 2006
    Nothing could be more obvious than that we want learning that matters, that makes a difference in learners’ lives. Nothing could be less obvious than that we are getting it... Read more


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