• Article

    Works Of Art Are Good Things To Think About

    Published: 2007
    Works of art are good things to think about . This simple premise underlies Artful Thinking, a program that helps teachers regularly use works of art in their curriculum in... Read more
  • Book

    Studio Thinking

    Published: 2007
    Many people believe that arts education is important, but few can say exactly why. Here at last are the results of the first in-depth research on the habits of mind that are... Read more
  • Article

    Study Center Learning

    Published: 2007
    The Harvard University Art Museums (HUAM) currently have two active study centers. The Agnes Mongan Center for the Study of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs specializes in... Read more
  • Article

    Final Report: Artful Thinking

    Published: 2006
    This report presents the philosophies, developed materials and research findings of the Artful Thinking project at TCAPS. This overview chapter explains how the report is... Read more
  • Tool

    Six Key Principles of the Cultures of Thinking Project

    Published: 2005
    1. Skills are not sufficient; we must also have the disposition to use them . Possessing thinking skills and abilities alone is insufficient for good thinking. One must also... Read more


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