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    Thinking Routines (Video)

    Published: 2014
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    Boston Early Civics Curriculum

    Published: 2014
    Blog describing curriculum developed by Mardell and others in the Boston Public School kindergartens that recognizes children are citizens. And, examples from BPS K2:... Read more
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    When Change Has Legs

    Published: 2014
    Perkins, D. N., & Reese, J. D. (2014). When change has legs. Educational Leadership,71(8), 42-47. From the introduction: "Initiatives to improve teaching and learning... Read more
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    The Color Investigation

    Published: 2014
    10 short videos by Melissa Rivard that track the development from start to finish of a Boston Public School preschool class's investigation into color, accompanied by a... Read more
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    9 Apps for Parents

    Published: 2013
    Nine easy discussion starters for parents of the App Generation: 1. Name and Notice Thinking Use the language of thinking to name and notice the thinking your child is using... Read more