• Article

    Multiple Intelligences: In a Nutshell

    Published: 1993
    A description of the history and theory behind Multiple Intelligences. Read more
  • Book

    Knowledge as Design

    Published: 1986
    We all play the roles of teacher or learner many times in life, in school, and home, on the job and even at play. How can we strengthen those roles, striving for deep... Read more
  • Book

    Ways of Worldmaking

    Published: 1978
    Ways of Worldmaking examines ways the actual worlds in which we live worlds of the sciences, the arts, practice are made and how they are related. Included are detailed... Read more
  • Book

    Languages of Art

    Published: 1976
    This small but significant bookdrawing upon psychology, linguistics, theory of mind, technology, and the sciences presents an approach to a theory of symbols. It is... Read more
  • Book

    Cultures of Thinking Initiative

    The Cultures of Thinking Project is a global initiative under the direction of Dr. Ron Ritchhart, a Principal Investigator and Senior Research Associate at Project Zero,... Read more


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