Global & Cultural Understanding


When Change Has Legs

Perkins, D. N., & Reese, J. D. (2014). When change has legs. Educational Leadership,71(8), 42-47. From the introduction: "Initiatives to improve teaching and learning... Read more

Future Wise: Educating Our Children for a Changing World

Future Wise presents a brand new framework for thinking about education. Curriculum can be one of the hardest things for teachers and administrators to change, but David... Read more

Learning that matters: A review of the research on the qualities of school leadership...

From the introduction: What does it mean to lead learning that matters in schools? This whitepaper aims to spark discussion about this question by examining the research-... Read more

Out of Eden Learn Information Packet

Out of Eden Learn invites young people and educators to: - Slow down to observe the world carefully and to listen attentively to others - Exchange stories and perspectives... Read more

Educating for Global Competence: Learning Redefined for an Interconnected World

The world in which today’s students will live and work is fundamentally different from the one in which their parents and teachers grew up. Rapid economic, technological and... Read more