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Multiple Intelligences around the World

Since its introduction in 1983, Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences (MI) theory has become a touchstone of education. Embracing a wide array of human talents that... Read more

Teaching for Understanding Unit vs. Traditional Unit

What makes a Teaching for Understanding (TfU) unit different than a traditional unit? View an example of a TfU unit and then use this template to transform existing or create... Read more

Making Thinking Visible (Article)

When learners speak, write, or draw their ideas, they deepen their cognition. Project Zero's Visible Thinking approach shows how. Read more

Studio Thinking

Many people believe that arts education is important, but few can say exactly why. Here at last are the results of the first in-depth research on the habits of mind that are... Read more

Responsibility at Work: How Leading Professionals Act (or Don't Act) Responsibly

Filled with original essays by Howard Gardner, William Damon, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and Jeanne Nakamura and based on a large-scale research project, the GoodWork Project,... Read more


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