Primary / Elementary School


Teaching for Understanding: Linking Research with Practice

This book describes an innovative approach to teaching that helps take students beyond the rote memorization of facts and figures to levels of understanding that will serve... Read more

The MUSE BOOK and Guide

The MUSE BOOK documents the work of Project MUSE and presents the background, development, and uses of MUSE learning tools and educational approaches, with comments from... Read more

Smart Schools: Better Thinking and Learning for Every Child

In this book, David Perkins draws on over twenty years of research which indicates that students from the first grade through college often have only the most superficial... Read more

Arts PROPEL: A Handbook for Imaginative Writing

In the Arts PROPEL approach to instruction and assessment, students write poems, and tackle other real-life projects as the starting point for exploring the works of... Read more

Teaching through Projects: Creating Effective Learning Environments

The ideas in Teaching through Projects can be used in grades 3-6 for both classroom and out-of-school programs. Projects can make learning meaningful to students lives in... Read more


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