Secondary / High School


ARTS SURVIVE: A Study of Sustainability in Arts Education Partnerships

This report shares findings and provides perspectives for partnerships to consider as they seek to build their capacity to survive and to thrive over time. It contains... Read more

The City of Reggio: Girls and Boys

The story of a small group of girls and boys creating a map: The focus of this fragment is the city: its forms, its relations, its transformations, and its identity, which... Read more

Examples of documentation shared back with learners

Making visible images of learning and being together in a group is a way to foster group identity and learning. This type of documentation promotes conversation or deepens... Read more

Examples of documentation that is shared more widely

Documentation is an act of communication; it makes public a conversation about what we value. When preparing documentation to stand on its own, documenters need to provide... Read more

Making Learning Visible: Children as Individual and Group Learners

In this richly-illustrated book, the culmination of a two-year research collaboration between teachers and pedagogues from Reggio Emilia and researchers from Project Zero... Read more


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