Amber Kamilah (previously Amber K. Boyd) worked in strategic planning consulting, marketing and graphic design before answering her life’s call to study the mind. She completed her Master’s in Mind, Brain and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2014. Growing up as a woman of color in Atlanta, GA, she believes that learning about how the mind works can be a powerful strategy for effecting change, and that art is one of the most accessible, provocating and inspiring methods to spark the crucial conversations that can lead to change at all levels. Amber is currently the Educational Coordinator for the Project Zero Classroom. Prior to this, Amber worked with Tina Grotzer in her lab Causal Cognition in a Complex World and as a teaching fellow over several semesters for her course Applying Cognitive Science to Teaching and Learning. Amber worked alongside Carrie James and Edward P. Clapp to deliver a more inclusive version of the PZ survey course Thinking and Learning Today and Tomorrow: Project Zero Perspectives in 2017. Lastly, Amber is collaborating with other PZers to understand and address matters of diversity, inclusion, and equity at PZ.