Andrea Sachdeva is Senior Project Manager for the Creating Communities of Innovation (CCI) research initiative, a collaboration between Project Zero and schools from the GEMS Education network in the United Arab Emirates. The CCI project seeks to create broadly-scalable resources to support education practitioners in designing and enacting educational innovations. Andrea also serves as Senior Research Manager for Project Zero's Phase II work of the Agency by Design research initiative, which centers on identifying and developing assessment and documentation strategies that are well-suited to maker-centered learning environments. Growing out of her background in arts learning and interdisciplinary design environments, Andrea brings with her experience as an administrator, teacher, assessment consultant, researcher, and learner. Prior to her work with Project Zero, for ten years Andrea led educational programs at Le Laboratoire Cambridge (Le Lab), a cultural center focused on cross-disciplinary idea development and public engagement. This work included the development and scaling of Le Lab’s flagship ArtScience Prize program to sites around the world. Her work focuses on design- and maker-centered learning environments, projects that value "learning by doing," and approaches to documentation and assessment in settings that that don’t easily fit "in the box" of traditional education.