2021 PMTV Quote2

This was a rich learning experience. It has challenged a 30+-year teacher to rethink teaching and learning.

Sparks - Motivating

The workshops were highly engaging and motivating. There was a lovely sense of 'global teaching community' created by the organizers, which was reinforced with the values of the course.

Sparks - Best Teacher Program

There is so much that can be adapted from Project Zero. It is by far the best teacher education program I have ever been involved in during my professional life.

2021 PMTV MP Feedback Survey

I have found this to be a powerful and thought-provoking course. Like our teachers who experience what happens in their classrooms once they start using these routines, there is no going back! Now that I have these ideas and deeper understanding, I won't lose them.

2021 CoTiA MP Feedback Survey

This course challenged me in my own practices. I am already thinking about how to move forward to improve my performance and be more consistent based on what I expect.

Sparks - Energized and Excited

At the end of this school year, I felt more depleted than I can ever remember during my entire teaching career. I questioned the wisdom of having chosen to do professional development. Now I am thrilled that I did so. I feel energized and excited by all that I have learned. I am looking forward to teaching and bringing what I have learned into the classroom for the new school year and beyond.

Project Zero

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