Welcome to the PoP Playbook! An outcome of the first two years of the Pedagogy of Play (PoP) project, the Playbook is a resource for teachers new to ISB. It may also be useful to any educator interested in the “how to” of learning through play.  
In the Playbook, you will find chapters about the principles of a pedagogy of play, indicators of playful learning, influences on learning through play, practices that foster a pedagogy of play, and a chapter about the adult learning community. You will also find a section of frequently asked questions. 
While we have learned a great deal in the last few years, we know that we have not answered—nor even articulated—all of our questions about how to create a school where play is a central feature of learning. Thus, this document will evolve based on our continued practice and reflection in study groups, teaching teams, staff meeting, and conversations with children and parents. We are excited for you to join us in our inquiry. Velkommen!

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