Children come to school ready and eager to learn. Schools could be centers where children identify problems and develop novel responses. Yet, all too often, formal educational experiences, beginning with children’s earliest experiences in schools, stifle children’s natural inclinations to innovate. Through the Inspiring Agents of Change project, Opal School, the Portland Children’s Museum Center for Learning, and Project Zero (PZ), are conducting a practice-based study of the learning conditions that support inventiveness in early childhood and primary school. The main goals of the project are: 1) to map a framework that invites, sustains, and extends inventive dispositions in schools; 2) to develop related practices, strategies, and examples that illustrate how invention education can be embedded across learning experiences in schools; and 3) to provide support for advocating for inventive dispositions as a central purpose of schooling. 

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FUNDERS: Lemelson Foundation, Portland Children's Museum