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    Pedagogy of Play Playbook

    Published: 2018
    Welcome to the PoP Playbook! An outcome of the first two years of the Pedagogy of Play (PoP) project, the Playbook is a resource for teachers new to ISB. It may also be... Read more
  • Article

    Ideas in Action at ISB

    Published: 2018
  • Article from Ideas in Action at ISB...

    The Evolution of Passion Day

    Published: 2018
    September 2016 saw the introduction of a new ritual at ISB: Passion Day. Differing from the typical school day, during Passion Day children plan and choose activities to... Read more
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    Children Are Citizens Book 2017

    Published: 2017
    People from all around the world know about Washington, DC. They talk about it, write about it, draw it, and make movies and TV shows about it. But almost always, we hear... Read more
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    Towards a Pedagogy of Play

    Published: 2016
    Making room for playful learning in school can be difficult. Formidable tensions exist between playful learning and the way pedagogy is currently structured in most schools... Read more